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About Us

The Biliton Energy Resorces is the largest group in the institute and constitutes researches - working in nuclear, atomic, applied nuclear physics, nuclear delectronics and instrumentation. We are pioneer in "Rare Metals" business and have a good track record for over a decade. Since the business was growing at a tremendous rate in recent times "Biliton Energy Resorces" was incorporated in March 2002. The company also have a good rapport with experienced scientist in SERNP, thus facilitating expert-hand in testing rare metals.

Message from the CEO.

Welcome to Biliton Energy Resorces,, For more than a decade now, Biliton Energy Resorces is doing an excellent business with consistency, in dealing with Rare Metals, Natural Super Power & Natural Super Herbal and all types ranging from Ancient Coins to Copper Iridium Rice Pullers, Rare Herbs and Antique items. We beleive that commitment and sincerity is a basic necessity, (and ofcourse, very much necessary) for any successful bussiness. At Biliton Energy Resorces we just follow that. Apart from the commitment and sincerity we show, we have a team of well trained staffs, who add extra strength to the organisation. Any work in our organisation is carried out with utmost sincerity, with the end result in mind. We look forward for serious business partners who posses or in need of Antique items (details of which is given in the later sections). We assure you a smooth bussiness-transactions, at all times during the deal. We once again welcoming everyone aboard.

CEO, Biliton Energy Resorces